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RFIC Solutions Inc, is a fabless RF Design House focused primarily on wireless Solutions, with headquarters in SanJose, CA. RFIC Solutions designs highly integrated system on chip (SOC) and system on a package (SOP); custom ICs, IP cores using state-of-art GaAs, InGaP/GaAs, InP, CMOS and SiGe Semiconductor processes utilizing MESFET, pHEMT and HBT devices. Expertise includes LNA, PA, Switch, complete transceivers/RFICs & RF Modules for any wireless system including WLAN, WiMax, PCS and Cellular applications. We offer Design services in MMIC, RFIC, RF Modules and RF systems. We have done 60 different designs covering DC to 40 GHz on various process like GaAs pHEMT, GaAs HBT, Silicon CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS & GaAs MESFET provided by our foundry partners like TriQuint, Jazz, GCS, Tower & TSMC.


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Die Picture's of CMOS IP core


Case Study-1: Design of High Performance Low Noise Amplifier MMICs
Case Study-2: CMTS Up converter System Design, Testing and Trouble Shooting
Case Study-3: UWB Radio Design

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