ARNA Series

ARNA Series

RFIC Solutions has introduced highly integrated, power efficient and highly linear ARNA Series Transceiver SoC modules, which support 5G/SATCOM standards. The ARNA Series will cover modules over wide frequency range from 24 to 30 GHz. These MMICs will make Multi-Beam Dual Polarised Phased Array Beamforming for 5G (US/Europe) as well as SATCOM a success. Due to its extremely competitive cost, these ICs will make 5G Small Cells/SATCOM terminals affordable when deployed on large scale.

Sr.No. IP ID Type TX/RX Process Technology Freq (GHz) Gain (dB) (Tx/Rx) OP1dB(Tx Path)/IP1dB (Rx Path)(dBm) OIP3(Tx Path)/IIP3(Rx Path) (dBm) Psat NF in Rx path (dB) IRL (Tx/Rx) ORL (Tx/Rx) Isolation (Tx/Rx) VDD (V) (Tx/Rx) ID (mA) (Tx/Rx)ApplicationDatasheet/QuoteProduction Status
1ARNAFE01 FE Beamformer BA-PS-VVA-DA-PA/LNA-VVA-LNA-PS 0.1 um GaAs pHEMT 24-30 27/2429/-16 34/-11 2 6.9/13 12.4/10 4/8 960/86.5 5G, Satcom, Wireless Application


Sr.No.IP ID Type Functional Blocks(TX/RX/LO) Process Technology RF Freq/LOx2 Freq/IF Freq (GHz) Conversion Gain (dB) (Tx/Rx) OP1dB(Tx Path)/IP1dB (Rx Path)(dBm) OIP3(Tx Path)/IIP3(Rx Path) (dBm) Image Rejection(dBc) NF in Rx path (dB) RF RL (Tx/Rx) LO RL (Tx/Rx) IF RL (Tx/Rx) VDD (V) (Tx/Rx) ID(mA) (Tx/Rx)ApplicationDatasheet/QuoteProduction Status
1ARNAUD02 UP DOWN CONVERTER IF Amp-UPC-PA/IF Amp-DNC-LNA/BA-X2-1-DA-PD 0.1 um GaAs pHEMT 24-30/14-18/5-6 21/27 20/-1228/-3 354-16/-12 -15/-18 -11/-14 4 668/13435G.SATCOM.Backhaul


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