ARNA Front End Beamformer

ARNA Front End Beamformer

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Arna Front End Beamformer (ARNAFE01) provides a complete integrated solution as a single front end Beamformer for 5G wireless systems. The ultra-small factor and integrated matching minimizes layout area in the customer’s application and greatly reduces the number of external components. TX performance is focused on high linearity, gain and low IM3 levels. RX performance is focused on low Noise Figure, high gain. The chip also covers full 360 degree phase variation with minimum amplitude variation. This simplifies the total front-end solution by reducing the bill of materials, system foot print, and manufacturing cost.
Arna Front End Beamformer integrates Buffer Amplifier, Phase Shifter, Variable attenuator, Driver amplifier, Power amplifier (PA) in TX Path and LNA, Phase shifter and VVA in RX Path. This integrated chip is designed using 0.1um GaAs pHEMT Process. This module meets or exceeds the RF front end needs of modern 5G RF systems.

Key Features

• Wideband 24 to 30 GHz frequency operation
• TX Gain: 27dB
• RX Gain: 24dB
• OP1dB of 29dBm @ 27GHz in TX
• Output TOI of 34 dBm @ 27GHz in TX
• Low RX Noise Figure of 2dB.
• Wideband Input and output match.
• Full 0 to 360 degrees of phase shifting capability with Phase Delta of 11 deg and 8 dB of variable gain
• 0.1um GaAs pHEMT Technology.


• Wireless 5G Systems
• Supports Phased array antenna system.
• Satellite Communication
• TDD/FDD System.

a) Quad flat no-leads package
b) Chip-on-board
c) Flip-Chip
d) Hot-Via Packaging

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